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Guilt-free Recharging Is Essential

Vasily Myazin, September 4th, 2020

It is easy to forget that taking some rest is essential. Somehow it is drilled into us, the wanna-be hustler types, that we must work and only take minimal rest. It seems like if you want to achieve something outstanding you must not lay your head down even on the weekends. It looks like it when we examine influential people's social media. They sure look like they never rest, and spit out pearls of wisdom on Twitter even on weekends and late at night. What is vastly overlooked is the need to take substantial breaks from your daily tasks and long-term missions. It concerns those who are on the introverted side, like myself, even more. If for several days straight I'm deeply involved in conversations and problem solving in a collective, be it online or in-person, it is imperative for me to take a break in solitude. And even then the guilty feeling that I'm not spending my time on something practical, something that will move the needle, creeps up.

I don't consider myself an ultra-high-achieving person, and maybe that's why this program runs in the back of my head at all times telling me that I'm not “there" yet, hence I need to keep on “achieving.” It is actually work for me to try and not forget that it's okay to take an occasional break and pat myself on the back for whatever goal I've fulfilled so far, in life or just that day.

Awareness Is Key To Retraining Of Your Mind

For me it has been a very long process adjusting, trying to do something constantly, powering through, failing due to the lack of fresh energy and not noticing that I am simply tired. It is almost shameful to admit that I can get worn out sometimes. After all, my job is informational, most of my activities are informational in nature – I'm not unloading barges at the docks or training for a marathon.

You probably heard this type of thinking shared online or by someone in your circle many a time. But I'm here to remind you, and myself, that it is always a good idea to take a conscious break. Shifting from making a decision that doesn't come easily this evening to tomorrow morning, or even a few days in the future is not a reason to feel guilty. In fact, it is fine to feel guilty for a split second, become aware of that feeling and let it pass, like everything else. With awareness it won’t be harmful, it will merely be observed and continue teaching you to pace yourself.

Know The Difference Between Resting and Slacking

But how do you know the difference? Is it procrastinating or putting it off until your mind is in a better state to return to work? If you have to wonder, you probably already know the answer. Don’t oversubscribe, don’t feel shameful sharing how you feel with those who expect results from you, do check in with yourself and regularly refer to your to-do lists. The balance is never truly found neither is it set in stone but being aware of needing to reflect on your current state will help you dance the dance of life.

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