1999 • Director: David Cronenberg

Rushed to the theatres to compete in basically the same genre as The Matrix this film is a treat for all lovers of layered realities where one doesn’t know what’s genuine and what’s imaginary.

In the plot people are able to play full-immersion games and organically exist in designed worlds.

If you listen to electronic music, you might pick up on a quote or two that you already heard in a song.


From Dusk Till Dawn

1996 • Director: Robert Rodriguez

The director credit is often mistakenly attributed to Tarantino because of how similar to his the grimey style of this movie is. And Quentin indeed plays one of the lead roles, along with George Clooney.

Criminals and their captives take shelter at a truck stop populated with vampires, which leads to chaotic results.

It is enough to watch this epic film for Salma Hayek's brilliant sexy appearance.


The Game

1997 • Director: David Fincher

I love a film that authentically surprises the audience with a plot twist, keeping them on edge all the way to the last frame. Writing this is almost a spoiler for this illusive picture with the venerable Michael Douglas.

Among the many things I admire about this movie is that it is set in San Francisco, a city I once called home.


Pulp Fiction

1994 • Director: Quentin Tarantino

The legendary flick that put Tarantino on the map world-wide made a lasting impression on me. The almost randomly shuffled scenes were starkly original compared to the chronological timelines of 90% of the movies.

Also, you gotta love the tastfully delivered scenes of violence.

Side Notes