Photo by Curtis Adams, collage by Vasily Myazin

How Cleaning Your Place Creates A Remarkable Lasting Effect On Your Day (Or Week)

Vasily Myazin, October 8th, 2020

I’ve seen some nasty looking dwellings in my day. And I mean so messy and disorganized that it made wonder whether the person living there was depressed or distressed. More often than not, it’s a simple act of neglect whose effect rapidly accumulates over time. At that stage it seems futile to do anything about it and their brain just accepts it as a norm.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Why A Clean Space Matters

Have you ever noticed that you feel really good when you walk into an upscale hotel lobby? A luxury car dealership showroom? A millionaire’s house? Guess why. They are spacious, clean, well-decorated, everything seems to be in place. No matter what economic level you are at, no matter how big or small your room is, you can make your space clean and organized. An immaculate space telegraphs “success!”

Since we largely perceive the environment we are in with our eyes, the visual stimulus has a major impact on how our brain operates. The cleaner and more organized the space is, the fewer distractions we have leading to better focus. Laser focus is what you want with any task you consider important.

How To Achieve A Tidy Habitat Without Resistance

It doesn’t take a lot to tidy up your immediate surroundings. Of course, first you have to buy into the positive effects of it. For certain obsessive types it may even be engrossing and entertaining to roll up the sleeves and get to work.

I get fired up to clean up when I notice a pile begins to form near me, on the work desk or in the kitchen. When I drop some food crumbs while cooking, I take a mental note to sweep momentarily. When I’m cooking I make an effort to rinse and dry anything that has served its brief purpose. All while still making the dish.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the awe-inspiring impact of opening my eyes in the morning and perceiving the sparkling splendor of my room or kitchen with my half-awakened brain. I’m half-joking — I’m not that fanatical about cleaning, but general tidiness has a positive snowballing effect from the start till the end of each day, believe me.

Here is my desk at an AirBnb before and after

The Critical Practical Outcome That Will Boost Your Focus

With just a little bit of time you can experience long-lasting effects of the clean environment of your home (permanent or temporary), office, or workplace.

I will acknowledge that cleaning can take away some precious time away from your day. It may seem like getting it done some day properly and completely is a better strategy. Trust me, it’s cop-out. You don’t need to hire a maid to come in once every-whatever when you can maintain your general level of tidiness all by yourself.

In a messy environment your thoughts tend to get stuck in the clogged pipes of your unfocused mind. In a clean environment clear thoughts start gathering: pointed, potent and unrestrained.

In the middle of writing this post, I got up to take a good look around the apartment. I need to check myself to see if I’m practicing what I preach. I spent literally 2 minutes organizing things on my work desk, and 3 more minutes arranging items in the kitchen. Ahhh. The proof is in the pudding — I’m ready to hit “Publish” now.

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